Introducing The ‘Porta-Trimmer’ Xtreme

This product well be coming out in the market by the first week of July, and there had been a ton of inquiries and advance orders for it. Since the trail biking and mountain biking popularity has risen in the past 6 months, there has been a huge demand on portable GPS devices. In fact, statistics from the GPS Website show a 600% increase in the usage of portable GPS devices in the same period last year.

The growing popularity is due to the fact that portability has always been an issue with GPS devices. Sure, there were apps on your phone or probably even your watch which could show you a map or even driving directions. But these technologies were rather unreliable, as you need to frequently update them in order to use them efficiently. Bugs and viruses are also common problems in using this setup.

With this new product, you can forget about iffy wi-fi-signals or faulty bugs breaking down the system. The ‘Porta-Trimmer’ Xtreme break down all those barriers and leaves the competition behind in their dust. The system is mostly stand alone, all communications is direct to a satellite base, with redundant backups in the cloud. The battery life is twice that of a normal GPS device, and it’s also ruggedly tough and resilient to all weather elements and conditions.

You have to try using this on your next trail biking expedition. You’ll be amazed at how ultra-portable it is and works perfectly well in any given condition.

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