New R&D Director Come On Board

Trimmer-Navi has a new Research and Development Director. Trevor McGregor recently agreed to take the position left by the now retired Emily Watkins, the long-time Research and Development Director. McGregor has quite a history working in the tech industry. His first job out of Stanford is as an intern at Google headquarters during the internet boom in early 2000’s.

After being an intern for 3 years, he moved up the ranks at the giant tech company and soon became one of the sharpest minds in their team. He was involved with so many of Google’s big projects and was considered a guru who knew it all in their office.

After 10 years working at Google, McGregor decided to take a leave of absence and travel the world. He started touring South America, then Europe, followed by Asia. He has been in so many countries and enjoys collecting mementos from each country he’s ever been to. He is now the proud owner of a huge collection of refrigerator magnets in the form of a flag or anything symbolic of a country he has visited.

When he returned from his world tour, he decided to leave Google and work with a new startup to support his friend who owns it. That startup is trimmer-navi. Welcome to the company Trevor McGregor. Take us to new heights with your knowledge and expertise.

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