Our Newest Product On The Market

We have just released out into the market our newest  products which are now available online. Our most recent additions to our strong product line series are sure to amaze you with its most innovative features we have come up with so far.

The trimmer-navi 4000 Series uses state-of-the-art technology which up until now has been just prototypes and scale models. After months and months spent on research and improving the quality of our products, we can now claim we have the best products available for you today. The gadgets we have use the SMART Technology chip integrated with built in RFID chips.

What’s so smart about these gadgets? Well, for starters, they have been installed with built-in quad-core processors for blazing speed and real-time updates, both crucial when you’re out there navigating in the wild. There is also a new feature which is called homing function, which links your device to a cloud-based server and could pinpoint your precise location at any given time. This is vital and crucial in search and rescue missions.

The 4000 Series also boast of a solar-powered backup power and a battery charger when it’s in the dock mode. This will assure you prolonged usage even in remote areas is not only a possibility, it is now more manageable with this feature. Harnessing the power of the sun not only helps keep you charged, but also helps clean up the environment.

These products are now selling like hotcakes, so grab your units now before they run out.

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