Trimmer-Navi Posts 4Q Gains

Following a strong 3rd quarter sales and revenues exceeding the company’s goals for this fiscal year, Trimmer-Navi posted yet another huge gain in the 4th quarter of this year. This can be attributed to the increase in sales as well as repeat customers buying their additional requirements from us.

Overall the company has made a total of $1.4M in gross sales for the whole year, where half of that came in the last quarter owing to the Christmas holiday buying season spree. This is a significant increase from the same period last year where the sales and profits were practically non-existent.

The increase in sales is quite staggering. The market experts predicted about 50% increase but the actual numbers are actually closer to 300%. That’s a huge difference and should mean we have taken the majority of the market shares for portable GPS devices. This should help shoot the price of our stocks through the roof.

Despite all these facts, Trimmer-Navi remains prudent in re-investing their profits and are considering keeping the status quo, instead of the normally expected massive expansion after such a huge success. This is the philosophy of the leadership of the company. It’s okay to take calculated risk, if only the returns exceeds the investment by a factor of 4, at least.

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