Trimmer-Navi is an ecommerce web site dealing with Portable Global Positioning Systems or GPS. Most of our products are the small, hand-held portable types which come in very handy for easy transport wherever you may be headed to next. We work with companies such asĀ http://www.carbotecheng.com/ to deliver our solution!

Since we started selling our products online, we have seen an increase in the volume of orders that are coming in. This is due to the fact that online stores sell to a wider market, that is practically anywhere in the world with internet access. In short, the world is your stage.

This accounts for the overnight success of the brand. Instantly, sales were going through the roof. We had a hard time keeping up with the orders, but we always deliver. We have a product that is not only efficient, but also practical in the long run.

This is probably another reason we are such a big hit in the online market right now. We hope to sustain this momentum and gain a wider market in the years to come. We also continue to develop other products which may turn out to be the next big thing in the near future.